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OUTDOOR Simple iron box series
Product parameters

1) the design of the system is advanced and reasonable, the display effect is stable, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
2) all-weather work: realistic colors, high refresh frequency, anti-static, dustproof, good heat dissipation, high cost performance.
3) display mode: left and right movement, up and down movement, Zola curtain, right pull screen, opening and closing, flashing, visible, and other ways.
4) using program editing and playback software, you can edit, add, delete, and modify text, graphics, images and other information through mouse editing. The content of the arrangement is stored in the control card, and the information playback is automatically displayed according to the program list.
5) luminous intensity: in the visible distance, when the sunlight is directly on the screen surface, the display content is still clearly visible.
6) the angle of view is good: both horizontal and vertical have larger visual angle, which is suitable for the environment with large horizontal distribution and high drop height.

Product information

Item P4 P5 P6 P8 P10
Pixel Pitch 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G2B 1R1G3B 1R1G4B
LED Encapsulation SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535 SMD3535
Pixel Density 62500dot/㎡ 40000dot/㎡ 27777dot/㎡ 15625dot/㎡ 10000dot/㎡
Module Resoulution 64*32(W*H) 32*32(W*H) 32*32(W*H) 32*16(W*H) 32*16(W*H)
Module Size 256mm*128mm(W*H) 160mm*160mm(W*H) 192mm*192mm(W*H) 256mm*128mm(W*H) 320mm*160mm(W*H)
Drive Mode 1/8 Scan 1/8 Scan 1/8 Scan 1/4 Scan 1/4 Scan
Cabinet Resolution 192*192(W*H) 256*128(W*H) 96*96(W*H) 128*96(W*H) 96*96(W*H)
Cabinet Size(W*H) 512mm*512mm 640mm*640mm 576mm*576mm 1024mm*768mm 960mm*960mm
Cabinet Weight 8±0.5kg 9±0.5kg 8±0.5kg 50±0.5kg 56±0.5kg
Brightness ≥5500CD/㎡ ≥6000CD/㎡ ≥6000CD/㎡ ≥6000CD/㎡ ≥7500CD/㎡
Color Temperature 3200-9300K/Adjustable 3200-9300K/Adjustable 3200-9300K/Adjustable 3200-9300K/Adjustable 3200-9300K/Adjustable
Max Power Consumption 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 850W/㎡
Average Power Consumption 300W/㎡    300W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡
Best Viewing Angle H:160°V:160° H:160°V:160° H:150°V:120° H:150°V:120° H:150°V:120°
Display Mode/Max 1024*768/1280*1024 1024*768/1280*1024 1024*768/1280*102 1024*768/1280*1024 1024*768/1280*1024
Refresh Rate ≥2000Hz ≥1200Hz ≥1200Hz ≥1200Hz ≥1200Hz
Best Viewing Distance ≥4m ≥5m ≥6m ≥8m ≥10m
Protection Level IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Maintain Style Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain
Operating Voltage AC220V/110V AC220V/110V AC220V/110V AC220V/110V AC220V/110V
Working Temperature -20℃/+50℃ -20℃/+50℃ -20℃/+50℃ -20℃/+50℃ -20℃/+50℃
Operating Humidity 10%-85% 10%-85% 10%-85% 10%-85% 10%-85%